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[Alberto T. Estévez / Genetic Architectures Research Group & Office, Barcelona, April 2011]

“Digital Tectonics / Digitale Tektonik”, in VV.AA., ed. Caroline Klein, Futuristic: visions of future living, pp. 240-241, Ed. Daab Media, Cologne (Germany), 2011

“The future of architecture will be soft and furry or won’t be at all”, was the Dalinian prophecy. Today, this becomes a new reality. With genetics, thanks to new biological and digital technologies, human beings can transcend a historical barrier, from only millenary action over the order of the “surface” to a new kind of action over the molecular order. Now humans can work at an intra-molecular level, towards knowledge of the genetic orders of order; they gain insight into how the general visible order of biological and digital beings is controlled by biological and digital information chains. One of the main advantages is that the control of these information chains allows the structure, form and “skin emergence”, through biological or digital processes, to become architecture. This is done with materials that emerge, i. e. “grow” by themselves thanks to self-organizing systems, towards more precision, more efficiency, more sustainability. A further aspect is the possibility of fusion and link of the mentioned information chains towards what is called biodigital architecture. A vast potential arises in the biological world if we work with DNA as if it was "biological software", and in the digital realm if we work with software as if it was "digital DNA".

In the twenties and thirties of the 20th century, when some architects were disposed to systematically configure a modern world, they were stimulated by a cultural pressure to fight for a correct adaptation to new times and for minimum conditions of a decent human existence. Today the urgency is stronger, as it is about the entire planetary subsistence. The question is not any more a simple caprice, neither an intellectual necessity. The necessity is global. The whole planet is faced by the danger of ecological death for all mankind. By chance, now in this crucial moment, new technologies of an enormous potential are offered: biological and digital techniques, and even a fusion of both, in this instance biodigital architecture. This is an architecture that has incorporated the advantages that become available through the understanding of genetics in both ways, the biological and the digital. It will allow humanity to work towards its ecological survival, this time taking into consideration the needs and dignity of all regions of the earth. As the pioneers of modern architecture, who broke with the ancient classical tradition to found a new modern tradition, we are facing the challenge of creating a new tradition of biodigital technologies. For this, it is necessary that people work on three key elements: research, teaching and the professional work itself, as did the founders of modern architecture.

We have arrived at a stage where we know that there are sufficient differential parameters to effect an epochal change towards a biodigital architecture.

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